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Benefits and risks of herbal medicines have been discussed widely and very often the debate is marked by strong opinions in favour or against their use. Despite of this debate health care professionals need to recognize that patients commonly use such products and that the general public considers them to be a safe and relevant source of health care products . This debate not only has resulted in general calls for health care professionals’ awareness but also, more specifically, in the development of strategies for developing clinical risk management  and a range of other proposals to reduce risks associated with their use. 

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Why do we use soap?

Children everywhere are grossly familiar with those questions, but it’s for a good reason: Washing with soap is essential for preventing the spread of germs that make us sick. 


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Coronavirus cases top 95,000

A newly identified coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 is spreading across the globe. Here’s what you need to know about the virus and the disease it causes, called COVID-19. 


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Climate Change

Climate change is killing the world’s coral reefs. But it’s not the only factor turning them into white, dead husks. According to a new study, all the chemicals humans are dumping into the ocean are making it easier for the hotter weather to do its deadly work.

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Since 2016 Barrownz Life Sciences, a healthcare platform serving at the forefront to improve safety and quality of the healthy environment. We are an authorized pharmaceutical company working as pharmaceutical merchants and exporters of a large number of drugs.Aiming in targeting opportunity with our tailored and novel consultancy to give you best what we need by understanding the health care environment to navigate with the aim of healthy living. We offer the best FDA approved and clinically tested and tried medicines globally.


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Are you looking for Medicine for


March 06, 2020

Are you looking for Herbal Medicine for Migraine? Herbal Medicine for Migraine Today, migraine the world 7th major illness, 1 billion people survive from migraine is a debilitating and throbbing pain in the head. As per specialist report and recent researchers studied, it is common and heredity illness that observes

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Daith Piercing Relief From


March 06, 2020

Daith Piercing Relief From Migraine Someday before I have read a blog about the daith piercing which can relief from migraine pain, Is it right? I don’t know. After that my mind is concentrate to read more about the daith piercing. In some article visitor reviews show the positive response

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Perfectly Sweet Lunch With Choco Milk

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Causes Of Stress

Still, your bodies react the same to stressors. That’s because the stress response is your body’s way of dealing with tough or demanding situations. It causes hormonal, respiratory, cardiovascular, and nervous system changes.

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