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Barrownz life sciences mission and vision to extend our services to our clients and dedicate the best. We ensure that those who buy from us are ensured a longer life and a healthy life for them or their family. We wish to offer medications and provide at affordable prices to all the customers hence we have added life-saving drugs such as cancer medicines and HIV medicines at very affordable prices for our customers. 

Our quality is accepted in the global market. We ensure that our medicines services are benefited to everyone. With a flawless drop ship distribution timely delivery, and network are the benefits that we offer to our customers. Barrownz has adapted to the ever-changing environment hence we are equipped with modern facilities to keep the medicines safe, faster execution and processing of orders and make sure that they reach the customer the final destination safe and in proper condition to their diseases and problems.


Herbal Products


It normally affects at the age of puberty or people between the age of 35-40 above. Of the common population, study suggests that 3,000 migraine attacks occur every day.

Performance: 100%

Service :Very Good

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medicine supplier

Bulk Medicines Supplier


To cater to medicine and pharmaceutical needs in bulk to Government agencies, hospitals and other medicine agencies of the countries we also do bulk cargo shipping to countries and stand out as a the best pharmacy bulk exporter in India.

Performance: 100%

Service :Very Good

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Pharmacy Wholesaler​

Pharmacy Wholesaler


As experienced pharmacy wholesalers and shippers for last many years we believe In providing best prices and a better profit margins for you. Along with dropshipping and medicine distribution we make sure to give you quality in all products at best prices.

Performance: 100%

Service :Very Good

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Since 2016 Barrownz Life Sciences, a healthcare platform serving at the forefront to improve safety and quality of the healthy environment. We are an authorized pharmaceutical company working as pharmaceutical merchants and exporters of a large number of drugs.Aiming in targeting opportunity with our tailored and novel consultancy to give you best what we need by understanding the health care environment to navigate with the aim of healthy living. We offer the best FDA approved and clinically tested and tried medicines globally.

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