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Migraine with Aura

Aura– This phase lands up with light and sound-based serious sensitivity within. This phase isn’t common for all the people out there but almost 45% experience this.

As an aura can start prior to a migraine attack begins, it may often be a warning signal that you are coming. An aura typically begins about an hour before migraine pain begins and lasts less than 60 minutes. Not all migraine attacks require an aura.

It is merely one stage in a migraine attack, and such as other migraine symptoms, the symptoms typically go away completely once the migraine passes. But, even though it doesn’t hurt, it can be a frightening experience especially in the event that you don’t know what it is.

Aura | migraine
Aura | migraine
Types of Auras:-

Migraine with typical aura.

Migraine with brainstem aura.

Hemiplegic migraine.

Aura symptoms:-

Visual disturbances with Blind spots

Be fatigued and yawn more

Partial paralysis

Tunnel vision

Partial paralysis

Have food cravings

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Aura | migraine

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