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  • Stage of Migraine

Migraine: Induction & Relief

Migraine, a common form of stress induced headache. It is very problematic as well can majorly disturb you day to day life. Majorly this headache can be experienced while having stress or also can be induced while having disturbed schedule. Migraine based headaches are not life threatening but can become a serious issue for you as it basically freezes your brain when experienced, person may sometimes impair their vision, speech as well the mood too.

Migraine are quite common with people now a days. People getting affected by it and start consuming heavy medicine doses but don’t even know its basic induction as well relief process.   


Migraine based pains have majorly few stages. Their induction can be experienced many days before the actual pain as they show many serious symptoms of their induction. If avoided we can prevent migraine or can even lower down its frequency.

Prodrome, initial stage of migraine pain which can be experienced almost 24hrs before the actual induction of the pain in your body. Symptoms such as food cravings, excessive urination and mood changes etc. can be experienced.

Aura, this is the second stage that might sometimes led people experience partial paralysis as well some confusion issues and the vision impairments in their vision too.

Headache, It is the actual phase in which the pain is to be experienced. Many people experience half head as well some experience full head pain which is quite severe.

Postdrome, The withdrawal phase of the migraine based pain. We can well prevent as well can have migraine postdrome based treatment for the induced symptoms after the pain has taken off. Symptoms such as weakness and confusion are common to it.

Migraine Causes

  • Your arms and legs feel pain a lot.
  • Your eyes start to blur and feel stress, and you see spots and colored flashes.
  • Now you feel smell and lightheaded strange odors.
  • It’s a painful condition that causes an extreme headache that is accompanied by vomiting or nausea and sensitivity to lights and sounds.
  • The head pain that happens with a migraine is usually a severe, painful headache that can last hours or even days.
  • Drinking a large amount of alcohol.
  • Certain medications such as sleeping pills, contraceptive pills.
  • Nervous system disorder.
  • Blocked or irregular blood vessels, and the circulatory system.
  • Family history.
  • Abnormalities in the brain chemicals.
  • Loud music

Best possible ways to avoid indroction of migraine pain:-

Migraine headaches are getting quite common nowadays. Stress levels and heavy workloads had led many people affected by this issue. Disturbed lifestyles and heavy workload at workplaces had affected many lives out there. People often avoid treatments for such headaches although they disturb their day-to-day routine, we know well that these headaches are not life threatening but even though quite harmful and might induced to other issues.

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