Pain Reliever

Painkillers or analgesics are a type of medicines that help in curing the pain. The pain can be moderate or severe depending upon the cause it is being occurred by. Our hectic daily schedule is also one of the primary reasons that painkiller is becoming a buzz word in the health environment. No one wants to bear the pain for long hence to reduce its duration consumption of analgesics is widely being used. This painkiller should be taken after a prescription of a doctor as you should understand why you need to have and what kind of painkiller is suitable to cure pain. In the market, there are numerous types of painkillers available for every purpose, and all have different ingredients.

So it is always advisable to choose the right kind of painkillers as some of them can have potential health risks. These painkillers are generally used to get relieved or reduce the pain of the head, any injury or toothaches. Depression is an unavoidable situation that occurs in the body, affecting your daily activity. Our body generates pain-relieving chemicals, but it’s a slow process; hence for faster result people uses painkillers. Painkillers come in many forms like capsules, tablets, injection, ointment or cream.


It is the most common type of painkiller benefits in curing the pain of neck pain, headache and back pain. It doesn’t affect your kidney, but an overdose can harm your liver; hence it is always advised to take a prescription.


It includes painkillers like ibuprofen, naproxen, and diclofenac which help to get relief from inflammatory pain, injuries of muscle strain or sprains. Best to reduce the pain of arthritis but it has some side effects that can cause a gastrointestinal problem. Other than some had noticed nausea and stomach ulcers for this reason doctor advise is significant.


These type of painkillers are used to cure severe pain, but overconsumption can cause tolerance to its effect and also results in nausea and drowsiness.
Steroids- For severe pain of arthritis it is recommended but before having it consult to doctor as it can cause weight gain.

Why Works Painkillers

These painkillers work by blocking the pain-transmission process to the brain to bring temporary relief from the pain. Pain can be of acute or chronic type; hence the medicines should be used depending on what kind of health issue you are struggling with.

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